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America’s Sweetheart & America’s Oldest Heartthrob - the Three Rules

There are three rules when it comes to Captain America and Sgt. Bucky Barnes.

1.  Everyone gets a crush on Cap when they’re kids.  It’s inevitable.  He’s like the Prince Charming of your fairy tales, only he’s red, white and blue, six foot two, eyes of blue, America’s Sweetheart, earnest and true. 

2.  Once you grow up a little and you think, fuck, no, there’s nobody that good and you start getting a little bit embarrassed over the childhood affection for Steve Rogers and you think you want to be a little “edgy” like your teenage peers, you end up crushing on Bucky Barnes.  Because even though you’ll learn a lot later that there’s a lot of shit the history books get wrong and Steve Rogers really wasn’t a bright shining angel of sweetness and light, history and popular culture tend to portray Bucky Barnes as a “bad boy with a heart of gold.”  So yeah, let’s go crush on tall, dark and dangerous Bucky Barnes, imagine flirting with him, maybe giving up a kiss or two or three - he’s America’s oldest heartthrob after all.  

3.  Finally, you’re a Grown Up or as “Grown Up” as you’re probably going to get, even though the mere thought of Adulthood should send you screaming into the night (but shit, you can’t run from those bills and other responsibilities forever, right?). You’re done with Bad Boys you think you can reform - you’ve got a list of exes you thought you could transform into Mr. Right with the Right Kind of Loving (HAHAHAHAH NOPE and FUCK all the romance novels and movies that made you believe that shit anyway).  You’re a little older, a little wiser and you know that you’re not looking for a Nice Guy who’ll whine at being friendzoned. 

You want a Good Man, a real good man and you wonder where have all the good men gone?  (And where are all the gods too, but the last you heard, Thor was in London.) 

The history books are getting re-written

You learn that Steve Rogers was a punk-ass Brooklyn boy who still, at the end of the day, really is that kind, really is that good of a guy.  Yes, Virginia, there is, indeed, a Good Man out there, even though he sometimes gets caught up in being history’s “greatest soldier.” 

You learn that Bucky Barnes might have been a smooth sweet-talker and ladies’ man but at the end of the day he really is a loyal friend, a man you can count on when times are tough.  Again, another Good Man. 

So you give up.  You give in.  You are so epically doomed.

You end up happily crushing on both.  Both is good.  :)

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And then you stumble upon fandom slightly later in life and realize that those two belong with each other, at which point you starts yelling at the TV, “JUST FUCKING KISS HIM ALREADY, JFC ROGERS.”

thisiswintermute - give me a few minutes.  I’m working on a Stucky in the MCU headcanon post and how the boys reacted to it.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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So I just left an event with actors performing powerful monologues from Shakespeare. It ended with James McAvoy strolling onto stage to deliver Antony’s “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” speech from Julius Ceasar and wiping the floor with everyone else. He is simply spectacular. I mean, I already knew this, his Macbeth is still the best I’ve ever seen but fuck, he’s just in a different league.

I’m dying here.

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Let’s remember that Bucky Barnes without Steve Rogers was the kid who befriended a small sickly boy looked down on and picked on by everyone else without caring what anyone thought.

Bucky Barnes without Steve Rogers was a smart, bright, likable young man who enjoyed going to dance halls and science fairs.

Bucky Barnes without Steve Rogers earned the respect, friendship, and loyalty of his soldiers to such an extent that when a stranger in spangly tights saves their lives only to ask them to follow him back into the fray, they agree because this guy’s nuts but he’s got Sarge’s seal of approval.

Bucky Barnes without Steve Rogers withstood years of unimaginable physical and psychological torture until his captors were finally forced to strip him of his memories and all sense of self in order to make him compliant, and even then had to phrase his missions as fights for the good of the world.

And then, Bucky Barnes, with no knowledge of Steve Rogers or himself, with no agency or moral compass, couldn’t be kept out of cryostasis for too long lest he regain the smallest sense of self and turn on his masters. Because even they knew that James Buchanan Barnes was the furthest thing from a bully, and feared the vengeance he would bring down on them if he realized what they were forcing him to do.

And this is just Bucky Barnes in the MCU, who’s had maybe a half hour of screen time and a handful of lines.

Yeah, the seeds of the Winter Soldier are in Bucky, insomuch as he is competent, loyal, fierce, a brilliant tactician, capable of doing the dirty work to save others the burden, and a bit ruthless when it comes to protecting innocents and those he loves. But isn’t it telling that even stripped of everything but these attributes and then turned to destruction and chaos he becomes, not a bully, but an asset of terrifying efficiency? The Winter Soldier is single-minded and brutal in carrying out his missions, but he is an effective soldier, not a bully.

James Buchanan Barnes is a hero, and nothing, not the absence of one man (even a man like Steve Rogers) or anything else, could change that.

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Cherik AU: After Cuba, a severely depressed Charles Xavier has been kidnapped and brainwashed by a secret CIA unit. Having his legs back, he uses his powers to locate and kill CIA targets. Erik starts looking for him, despite being one of the major targets. [Inspired by POST]

"Charles, what did they do to you?”

"Who the hell is Charles?" 

paging theletteraesc

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Steve ‘did it hurt - a little’ Rogers


Damn, yes.

#so basically in addition to the #steve’s getting his ass kicked again radar #that bucky had to develop #in order to keep his punk alive #he also had to develop a #steve is in FUCKING SRS PAIN NOW radar #so he knows when to sit on his idiot punk #and get him painkillers/rest/whatever it takes #to make the pain less #also this adds even more fuel to my love of #skinny steve #which has all the fire of a thousand suns #steve rogers was a BAMF even before the serum


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All good things come to an end - HASA closing

In case you or someone you know posts (or used to post) on Henneth Annûn Story Archive: you have until December 31 to repost your stories somewhere else.

The Silmarillion Writers’ Guild has the Library of Tirion project, and Dawn has more information about ways to save your stories in the SWG’s announcement of the closing. (I also have list of Tolkien fanfic archives if you’re looking for other archives.)

Please signal-boost this; the more time people have to repost their fics elsewhere, the more stories can be saved.


Aw, crap. 

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that you can use AO3’s importer to save fics that you’ve posted on other sites. See the FAQ:


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