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Bucky’s face here will forever be the worst thing in the world. He’s looking at Steve and he’s so proud of him but there’s also this look in his eyes that says "he doesn’t need me anymore, why would Captain America ever need Bucky Barnes" and it’s all over his face. But when you pay attention to Bucky in the crowd you can see him looking around and taking it all in, taking in the fact that people finally see Steve the way he has always seen him and I CANT TAKE IT ITS DISGUSTING HOW MUCH HE LOVES STEVE AND HAS ALWAYS APPRECIATED HIM AND NOW THE WORLD LOVES HIM AND HE’S OVERWHELMED BUT HE’S ALSO SO SO HAPPY OH MY GODDDDDD

i enjoy agony.

even if you don’t ship it it’s still agony

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10 Panel to Screen Comparisons From Captain America: The Winter Soldier

10. Metal Arm Meets Immovable Force


9. Bucky Being Brainwashed


7. Who The Hell Is Bucky?


6. Visiting Fort Lehigh


5. Bucky Visits the Smithsonian


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Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.
Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via blvckovt)

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List of petty revenge schemes to enact during therapy, by Will Graham


  1. Figure out which cologne Hannibal hates most. Bathe in it before all appointments.
  2. Put greasy lotion on hands and smear on leather chairs.
  3. Randomly rearrange books when Hannibal’s not looking.
  4. Step in dog shit. Surreptitiously wipe on conveniently located desk chair.
  5. "Accidentally" knock his pretentious and symbolic stack of drawings to the floor. "Accidentally" step on them while picking them up.
  6. Make the pens on his desk crooked.
  7. Show up exactly one minute late to three appointments in a row, then show up four minutes late.
  8. Interrupt him whenever he starts to give a speech about God or death or whatever, then continue to interrupt him with apologies when he tries to continue.
  9. Dog hair. Dog hair everywhere.
  10. Just shoot the son of a bitch. (Too subtle. Can’t let him die without having a long conversation about the nature of morality and the subjective nature of the sanctity of life.)

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The thing about that fight on the helicarrier is that it really does read at that point, especially towards the end, as Steve and BUCKY fighting and not Steve and Winter Soldier. 

I mean contrast with the fight on the Causeway with the fight on the Helicarrier. The Causeway fight is so much skill, it’s hand to hand, it’s knives, it’s Winter Soldier with his mask on, completely devoid of emotion, a total machine. It’s Steve using every piece of hand to hand, the best hand to hand fighter in the Marvel universe showing every bit of skill, utilizing his shield. It’s skilled skilled fighting, it’s knives and slicing and absolutely brutal, no mistake, but PROFESSIONAL. Two people incredibly skilled at what they do, an assassin and a captain.

Then you have the Helicarrier. It’s full of emotion, it’s BUCKY and not Winter Soldier, at least as much as it’s possible at that point. He’s SNARLING, he’s RAGING, he’s so incredibly angry and frustrated and confused. They’re still matching each other completely, blow by blow. Push and pull. It’s Steve going for the console, just trying to get PAST Bucky but Bucky PULLING HIM BACK constantly, pulling him away.

When it goes to the lower level, when it becomes a fight for the piece of data, all of a sudden it devolves completely and explodes into chaos. It’s way too personal at this point. This is not the Causeway. This is one man fighting for his friend, with his friend, one man so dreadfully and terribly lost and confused and ANGRY and lashing out completely and totally. It becomes a grown up version, an incredibly violent and dark version of a school boy fight. A fight between two friends, two BOYS playing keep away in the most violent life destroying way possible. There’s choke holds and head butts, there’s grappling and grasping and pulling. This is not Captain America and Winter Soldier fighting, it’s Steve and Bucky. It’s two friends fighting each other, two children who are so hurt and desperate and angry. It’s two childhood friends who have gone through so much together, so many memories, so much physical sense memory. 

You can imagine all the times that Bucky probably taught Steve those schoolyard moves. The grappling, the punching. All the stuff that Steve probably learned in the gritty arena of his activities with Bucky in the European theater. The times they probably practiced together, watched each other fight. The times that Bucky fought off bullies for Steve. This is fighting that isn’t skilled and honed, but ingrained in who they are and where they come from. It’s sense memory, it’s physical memory. It’s a product of emotion and desperation. It’s Steve and Bucky for the first time in a long time, even if Bucky’s mind is not there yet. For the first time in a long time his actions are fueled by desperation, by EMOTION. It’s not the face of a blank fighting machine, it’s the face of Bucky Barnes.

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Star Wars | Luminous beings (Return of the Jedi novelisation)

But when the mask was finally off and set aside, Luke gazed on his father’s face. It was the sad, benign face of an old man. Bald, beardless, with a mighty scar running from the top of his head to the back of the scalp, he had unfocused, deepset, dark eyes, and his skin was pasty white, for it had not seen the sun in two decades. (…)  Vader saw his son crying, and knew it must have been at the horror of the face the boy beheld. It intensified, momentarily, Vader’s own sense of anguish—to his crimes, now, he added guilt at the imagined repugnance of his appearance.

But then this brought him to mind of the way he used to look—striking, and grand, with a wry tilt to his brow that hinted of invincibility and took in all of life with a wink. Yes, that was how he’d looked once. And this memory brought a wave of other memories with it. Memories of brotherhood, and home. His dear wife. The freedom of deep space. Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan, his friend… (…) Memories of molten lava, crawling up his back… no. This boy had pulled him from that pit—here, now, with this act. This boy was good. The boy was good, and the boy had come from him—so there must have been good in him, too. He smiled up again at his son, and for the first time, loved him. And for the first time in many long years, loved himself again, as well. (…)  

He focused on Luke once again, and saw his son was crying. Yes, that was it, he was tasting his boy’s grief—because he looked so horrible; because he was so horrible. But he wanted to make it all right for Luke, he wanted Luke to know he wasn’t really ugly like this, not deep inside, not all together. With a little self-deprecatory smile, he shook his head at Luke, explaining away the unsightly beast his son saw. “Luminous beings are we, Luke—not this crude matter.”

 -  Return of the Jedi Novel, by James Kahn.

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