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Fencing is not proper behavior for a princess,” [the king] told her in the gentle-but-firm tone recommended by the court philosopher.

Cimorene tilted her head to one side. “Why not?”

“It’s … well, it’s simply not done.”

Cimorene considered. “Aren’t I a princess?”

“Yes, of course you are, my dear,” said her father with relief. He had been bracing himself for a storm of tears, which was the way his other daughters reacted to reprimands.

“Well, I fence,” Cimorene said with the air of one delivering an unshakable argument. “So it is too done by a princess.

from Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede (via mendanbar)

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#Skinny!Steve #Steve Rogers #and here we see Steve Rogers deciding to FUCK RIGHT OFF #without telling Bucky JACK SHIT #gOD YOU ARE A HORRIBLE FRIEND #you are such a selfish little shitlord (Blu’s tags)

The last thing Bucky does before he leaves? Try and set Steve up with a girl, so he’s got someone to hang out with when Bucky’s gone. The last thing Steve does before Bucky leaves? Dumps him and said girl to go and commit military/identity fraud against the US Government.

Bucky deserved so much better. And yet…

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